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Outsourcing Model Eagle Investment Systems

Flexibility. Scalability. Efficiency. Accuracy. Integrity. Cost Effectiveness.

Regardless of your role within your organization, these things matter to you. Eagle Investment Systems understands your challenges and their underlying complexities. We know financial services, its regulations and pressures. We’ll work closely with you and your team to help make sure the solutions we implement run smoothly and the way you envisioned. From the day we install your solution and throughout the evolution of your business, we’ll be there, rolling out new technologies and innovative solutions, wherever you do business.

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Outsourcing Model Eagle Investment Systems

Optimize your infrastructure spend.

You’re under constant pressure to deliver results to investors and stay abreast of regulations. Any software and technology investment you make must have the ease of an out-of-the-box solution with built-in flexibility and scalability to handle high volumes over the short and long term.

Eagle Investment Systems can help you address the multifaceted issues your business faces, including the growing list of regulatory, accounting, reporting and performance requirements: GIPS®, IFRS, Schedule D, GAAP, Solvency II, FASB, Dodd-Frank and others. We’ll work closely with you to create complete solutions for your most complex global transactions and trades, so you can better manage your business from a risk and regulatory standpoint. 

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Outsourcing Model Eagle Investment Systems

Grow your AUM more efficiently.

Experience a smooth deployment of your portfolio management solution. Eagle Investment Systems leads the way with innovative data management, investment accounting and performance measurement solutions for financial firms with AUM ranging from $1 billion to $100 billion and up. And with a hosted solution from Eagle ACCESSSM, our secure private cloud, your system can be deployed and updated quickly, easily and in a highly cost-effective manner.

Whether you’re a boutique firm looking to expand your market share or an organization with worldwide brand recognition, Eagle Investment Systems can work with you to create and maintain a viable investment system to help manage your assets more efficiently. As a result, your people can focus on what matters.

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Eagle Investment Systems
Eagle Investment Systems helps financial institutions grow assets with a suite of data management solutions.