Scrum Master - Pune

Scrum Master - Pune

Facilitate all scrum ceremonies:

  • Sprint Planning: help the team commit to a sprint goal with your product owner and decompose all stories and defect work into tasks with owners and estimates.
  • Daily Standup: help the team report to each other on their progress every day and uncover issues that may be slowing them down. Resolve those issues immediately.
  • Sprint Review: help the team review their sprint’s work with each other and the business and update the product backlog with any new things learned by the team and the business over the course of the sprint.
  • Team Retrospective: help the team inspect its work practices and team culture and to identify incremental improvements that will help them be more successful.
  • Backlog Grooming: help the team and product owner keep the product backlog relevant and prioritized, making sure acceptance criteria are agreed upon and stories are ready for sizing. Help the team size their stories for planning and forecasting purposes.
  • Track the team’s progress (burn down, velocity, and release forecast) and present reports for project and management teams using a standard set of tools. Make visible any project risks to the team and to management.
  • Ensure productivity by fostering team communication, empowerment, and accountability. Help the team managers and resolve conflicts.
  • Work with other Scrum Masters to prepare for and facilitate quarterly cross-team planning sessions.
  • Apply the agile principles of transparency, teamwork, risk management, and communication to manage key infrastructure projects that may not fall under traditional agile management processes.
  • Manage the vendor relationship with our partners and ensure their work aligns with the goals of our agile development teams, including budget oversight and management.
  • Manage budgets for each of your projects.


  • Minimum 2 years as a Scrum Master.
  • Must have the ‘servant leader’ attitude and be able to demonstrate it.
  • Be able to work in an evolving and growing Agile environment.
  • Must be able to mentor both Sr. Managers and Agile teams during the transformation.
  • Able to work alone and give the guidance to the whole organization about Agile.
  • SAFE Certified or very familiar with SAFE 4.0


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Scrum Master - Pune