Database Engineer

Database Engineer

Eagle would like to hire a Subject Matter Expert in data replication strategies. In particular this person will be an expert in Oracle RDBMS internals and the Oracle GoldenGate product. The use of GoldenGate is central to the Eagle Data Replication Service (DRS) offering which has unique implementations that are tailored to meet client requirements. This candidate will be able to design, install, and operationalize efficient and maintenance free DRS implementations. The basic Eagle DRS implementation is Oracle to SQL Server using GoldenGate. This candidate must have experience designing and implementing this configuration.
This candidate will support Eagle DRS implementations both operationally and as an L3 lead. Of importance will be the understanding of Oracle and SQL Server database internals which will ensure that the candidate has the ability to diagnose and resolve complex GoldenGate issues. This candidate will also lead efforts when triaging Eagle DRS performance issues. This role will require that the candidate is client facing and sensitive to client uptime and replication SLA’s. In addition to communicating with clients, this candidate will engage in daily interactions with significant peer groups from business groups, leadership teams, and support teams.

The candidate will be expected to be a subject matter expert in the following:

  • The ability to transfer GoldenGate knowledge to support teams
  • Provide guidance to senior management in design and implementation of data replication strategies between homogeneous and heterogeneous platforms
  • The ability to tailor data transformation for target platform ingestion
  • The ability to tune Eagle DRS implementations for high performance and multi-threaded replication strategies
  • The ability to develop exception processes for data ingestion failures and source/target out of sync situations
  • The ability to implement replication strategies for relational to non-relational data replicated platforms
  • The ability to implement custom monitors for incident detection on both the Source and target platforms

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Database Engineer