Make more sense of your data, so you can make more sense of your risk.

The big picture, in clearer focus. You need a holistic view of your business, and if you manage different assets across different systems, you may get an incomplete and inaccurate perspective. As your investment portfolio expands and becomes more complex, this can have significant financial and compliance implications. Work with Eagle and consolidate your multiple investment systems with a portfolio management solution, so your CIO has a more complete view of your positions as well as your risks. Armed with a clearer understanding of your net exposures, your portfolio managers can make better investing, risk management and forecasting decisions—and you can focus on making sure your company’s investment strategy stays on course.

A more complete perspective. Once you get a clearer understanding of the big picture, then you can get a better perspective of your data from all its different angles. Eagle gives you the ability to “look through” and view your data in different dimensions. And while buying vendor-sourced analytics is the industry standard, with Eagle’s analytics module you can take your data further and use your reference data stored in Eagle’s data hub to calculate analytics and prices using an industry standard library from FINCAD®.

Process your information in new ways to create a more complete picture of your positions, holdings and securities. For example, Eagle’s sophisticated portfolio management solution can help you determine the theoretical underlying values of notional or derivative instruments. And with a more complete picture of the effective exposures of futures contracts or funds, you can make better investment and risk decisions, and stay on your strategic course.

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Work with Eagle and consolidate your multiple investment systems with a portfolio management solution to gain a clearer understanding of your net exposure.