Integrated data you can use,
straight from the source.

Deceptively simple, yet so powerful. Finally, your organization can have access to the data feeds and interfaces you need without the complications of building and maintaining them. And you can be more confident of its integrity and purity, thanks to Eagle’s innovative Data Integration Services. Now your feeds are integrated for you with data that automatically streams through your systems every day—quickly, cost-effectively and simply.

Data that’s useful across business functions. Integrate and maintain the integrity of multiple sources of similar data with an investment system from Eagle, so the business functions that use it have the flexibility to use it in the ways they need. The same data can be shared and classified in different ways. For example, GICS® classifications may be used, but a portfolio manager can classify his or her own definitions of the same securities as he or she sees fit. With Eagle’s forward-thinking data management solution it’s possible to do almost anything with your data.

Re-thinking data. When you think about how your data should work, it’s really more about your data’s end uses—how you use integrated data, not data integration. You need a solution that truly integrates your data across business functions and, depending on your company’s size, across time zones and continents. Let us manage the interfaces, so you can concentrate on your business. We’ll redesign your multiple layers of systems into one streamlined data hub—on or off the cloud—in new ways that make your investment systems easier to manage and reconfigure as your business evolves.

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Eagle Investment Systems - Data Integration, Investment Data Management Solution
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Eagle's innovative Data Integration Services integrate your feeds with data that automatically streams through your systems every day-quickly, cost-effectively and simply.