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BNY Mellon Data and Analytics Solutions combines the capabilities and resources of Eagle products, Eagle ACCESSSM, Intermediary Analytics, and other BNY Mellon technology and data assets to build client-centric data, technology, and content solutions. With the Eagle software suite as a foundation, Data and Analytics Solutions equips you with the tools for utilizing data in the front, middle, and back office. Operating with the skill and agility of a fintech, Data and Analytics Solutions is a software and content offering built upon an open ecosystem of partnering with leading technology providers.

Valuable Data
Harness data, the world’s most important asset class in today’s fast-moving global marketplace, and transform it into higher alpha, cheaper beta, lower costs, and less risk—outcomes that position your firm for success.

Flexible Analytics
With dynamic applications and customized content solutions, analyze your data from different vantage points to gain actionable insights about business challenges and regulatory requirements.

Innovative Solutions
Our cloud-based products are built on collaboration with clients, so you can stay agile and responsive to seemingly constant market and regulatory changes.

Work With Us
As a software and content offering, Data and Analytics Solutions equips you with tools for utilizing data in the front, middle, and back office. Comprised of the Eagle product suite, Intermediary Analytics, new applications and content, and managed and professional services, we will work with you—whether you’re a boutique firm or a global powerhouse—to implement a scalable and resilient system so you can focus on your clients and your business, not your IT. Talk to the technology and service experts at Data and Analytics Solutions to learn more about our sophisticated, user-friendly products.

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Eagle's advanced technologies can help you transform your business, so you can do more, more efficiently. Some of the world's most successful companies rely on our innovative data management, investment accounting and performance measurement solutions to make smarter decisions.