Data Management

Information for the business of finance. At Eagle we are passionate about data management for the financial services industry. Some people think a big box solution can be applied anywhere. In our decades of experience, consistently providing accurate and actionable information to be the lifeblood of a financial investment operation requires a specialized solution and mindset. Someone famous once said, “We would have made better decisions if we had better data.” With Eagle you can have quality data not only to help make strategic decisions, but to supply key risk and compliance systems and to communicate your performance with clients.

Make your data dynamic: generate information your business can use. As the foundation of your business, investment data is at the core of everything you do and is the basis for every decision you make. That’s why it’s imperative to have data that you can trust. Reliable, accurate, enriched data allows your business to run properly and enables your people to make the right operational and strategic decisions.

A data-centric gold standard for the business of finance. Eagle’s holistic approach is revolutionizing data management. At Eagle, we believe that data management encompasses much more than just security reference data or preventing a bad trade. You need a comprehensive view of your business that includes pricing, corporate actions and FX rate data. You also need to ensure that all of your data categories are aligned and accessible.

Eagle’s solutions help you achieve a new way to use your reference data to look at your world from different vantage points, across currencies or issuers. With Eagle, you have the ability to control and drill into your exposure at different levels – unlike any other data management system.

Eagle’s centralized data repository creates a company-wide standard for your data and provides an historical warehouse to support your audit and compliance requirements.

Scalability. Eagle pioneered the concept of a data-centric processing model to the financial services industry. We understand the subtleties of investment data and how this data can and should interact across your business functions. Eagle’s systems are highly scalable and sustainable over the long term, so as your company grows, your solution will grow with you.

Auditability. Eagle’s data warehousing is a dynamic storage system. It acts as the central location or central data depository for all your data sources throughout the company. As the single touchpoint for all your data, Eagle’s systems allow you to have a single data standard across your organization, making your systems secure and easy to audit.

Information delivery: user-centered solutions deliver the right information to the right people. Eagle builds its innovative systems to derive and deliver vital information to the people who run your business: from your call center reps and account supervisors to FX traders and C-suite executives. We can transform your data into useable information, delivering it into the formats you need, when you need it. Eagle’s data-centric model streamlines your multiple networks of data feeds into a centralized system, supporting all of your reporting requirements across various functions.

Eagle’s data management and
information delivery systems provide:

  • A proven, dynamic data-centric processing model designed for the financial services industry
  • Access to accurate and timely reference data
  • Workflows to automate your business validation, definitions and processes–so you only deal with the exceptions
  • Entity-level data to help you gauge your risk exposure
  • Full scalability that can readily adapt to your company’s changing needs
  • Complete auditability and system-wide security features via a centralized data repository

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Eagle Investment Systems - Data Management Solutions for the Financial Services Industry
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Eagle data management solutions for the financial services industry help provide reliable, accurate, enriched data to help make strategic decisions.