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Understand trends. Deliver results. Stay agile and responsive to seemingly constant market, client and regulatory changes with help from Eagle’s innovative performance measurement solutions. With integrated workflows from data consolidation, return calculation, to analysis and reporting, the Eagle Performance suite provides you with an enterprise-wide solution that centralizes your performance measurement process.

Eliminate the hassle of managing multiple performance system vendors and focus on one system to distribute high-quality performance information with Eagle’s web-based performance solution. Achieve greater efficiencies across your organization without added infrastructure costs. With Eagle Performance’s implementation toolkit our solutions can be deployed quickly so you can start to address specific business needs.

Eagle Performance was built on an industry-leading platform proven to help solve inherent data quality and accessibility issues. Designed and engineered as a fully integrated suite, Eagle Performance provides consistency across multiple functions, including portfolio performance, retail fund performance, attribution, GIPS® composite management, benchmark management and ex post risk analysis. The package includes connectors with industry standard data vendors to provide the data you need to properly analyze performance.

Portfolio performance. If you manage assets, you need to frequently track performance—daily or monthly—for individual or groups of portfolios at various levels such as security, sector and total portfolio level. Accounting, pricing and corporate action data issues can significantly impact return calculations, creating the need for tools that can monitor the calculation process as well as identify, fix and recalculate inaccurate returns.

Adding to the existing challenges of calculating performance are the demands to integrate multiple accounting systems, automate complex workflows, calculate daily returns and support global performance operations. Eagle Portfolio Performance automates the performance calculation process. It aggregates data from accounting systems and reference and index data sources, calculates daily or monthly returns at various levels and stores those returns in a database that can be accessed by reporting tools and downstream systems. Tools within the calculation solution also let you configure and monitor the process, helping you identify, fix and recalculate incorrect returns.

Retail fund performance. Eagle’s retail fund performance solution can help you meet SEC 40 Act Fund performance requirements to calculate and distribute returns for advertising, prospectus and distribution to the right channels. With Eagle’s solutions you can eliminate your reliance on spreadsheets to calculate these important returns.

If you provide data to third-party providers such as Lipper or Morningstar®, you may want an internal control process to verify and reconcile returns. Daily reporting requirements do not allow time for restatement of performance. Operational risk and lack of transparency make it difficult to manage calculations and workflow. There are also challenges with integrating various types of NAV-based returns with other reporting processes, such as reporting, advertising, GIPS composites and Peer Group Analysis. Eagle provides various reporting options with automated workflows to meet auditor, fiduciary and fund fact sheet reporting requirements.

GIPS Composites. Eagle’s solutions can help your firm become GIPS compliant and remain competitive. With Eagle’s GIPS solution you can automate composite maintenance to stay audit-ready. Eagle’s GIPS Composite Management solution can help you to integrate your portfolio performance/account information on a monthly basis, and identify similarly-managed portfolios to create marketing composites. Included in the system are automated account to composite assignments, facilities to establish and modify composites, extensive reporting and analysis features and prospect -facing reports. Robust business process tools are also available to support the composite assignment, approval, disclosure management and verification workflows.

Performance attribution. Various trends—increased asset securitization through fixed income instruments, growth of alternative assets, market fluctuations, concerns about derivatives exposure, and a renewed focus on risk management—have driven significant demand for attribution analysis. In a volatile market environment, retaining current clients and growing new client relationships are critical and require robust ad hoc attribution analysis to help your clients understand the genesis of a portfolio’s or the strategy’s return. You also need to judge a portfolio manager’s return generated versus a benchmark—and tie this return to compensation and validation of management style. Attribution helps you understand portfolio managers’ performance, and gives you a clearer insight of their alignment with your firm’s investment strategy.

Eagle’s attribution solution can help you to gauge the excess return generated by a portfolio manager through a library of industry-accepted methodologies that support common analyses and attribution effects. Specific models are available to align with investment type, including: equity, fixed income, global and multiple manager structures. Eagle’s fixed income attribution framework disaggregates a portfolio’s return into multiple effects that measure exposure to yield curve positioning, convexity, credit spreads and other relevant determinants of performance. Depending on your investment mandate, Eagle offers true flexibility to compare analysis to index or custom classifications groupings. Eagle also supports transaction-based analysis that ties attribution results to official performance results.

Benchmark Management. Tracking performance involves maintaining portfolio-benchmark relationships, storing daily or monthly returns for individual benchmarks, calculating custom benchmarks appropriate to portfolio strategies, and calculating custom classifications. Issues with returns and classifications from various index providers can significantly impact the process. With Eagle’s tools, you can monitor the calculation process as well as identify, fix and recalculate returns.

Your firm’s data revision and error correction policy requirements are often manual and labor-intensive. Managing data sourced from multiple benchmark providers can be very challenging. Eagle understands the index data management process and provides standard interfaces to manage loading, prescribed audit checks, account assignment/tracking across over time and monitoring tools. Custom benchmark functionality lets you aggregate and disaggregate index data using industry standard algorithms.

Analysis and reporting. Accurate and timely portfolio performance reporting is critical for your marketing, client communications and ad hoc analysis. Eagle’s performance suite comes with versatile analysis and reporting capabilities that allow you to create and deliver a full range of reports via email and web portal. Multilingual reporting supports your global business needs. Market volatility and client retention activities demand ad hoc analysis. Flexible reporting and publishing tools let you review portfolio performance and evaluate data from a summary overview to a detailed, rigorous analysis, by filtering out securities dynamically.

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Integrated workflows from data consolidation, return calculation, to analysis and reporting, the Eagle Performance suite provides you with an enterprise-wide solution that centralizes your performance measurement process.